Why Woodworking?

One of the partners, Joe Williams, has been a hobbyist woodworker for many years. He has built many pieces of furniture for his family as well as for other people. Included on these pages are some of the pieces built in recent years.

Bookcases/Entertainment Center - Austin, TX

Two pecan bookcase/entertainment center cabinets designed, built, finished, and installed for a couple in Austin, TX.

Both Units
Left Side with doors closed
Left Side with doors open
Right Side with doors closed
Right Side with doors open

This unit is built of Pecan Hardwood and Pecan veneer, hand-finished with an initial coat of water based aniline dye stain, a sealer coat of shellac, a glaze coat of gel stain, and multiple final layers of satin poly. Each unit is about 4 feet wide and 8 1/2 feet high.